Avoiding Halloween Hazards: Pet Safety Tips

Our four legged furry friends come begging every day, performing their tricks to get a treat. However Halloween is a dangerous time for pets for both tricks and treats.  Keep your pet howling at the moon with these holiday pet safety tips:

  • Trick or treat, give me something good to eat, but there may be some stranger dangers.

Tip: Your pet may not appreciate all the door bell ringing, kids come a’ knocking and colorful costumes.  Even more upsetting can be unfamiliar faces, especially those ghoulishly gruesome masks.

You may want to keep your pet in a separate room or a kennel until the stranger danger has passed.  This will also help ensure that he or she doesn’t head for the great outdoors to chase down a great big giant rabbit.

  • Is your pet getting all dressed up for Halloween?

Tip: Dress your dog up and down long before the grand event so that they can get accustomed to their costumes.  This also gives you a chance to check for any item that could make your dog uncomfortable or unhappy.

  • Is your dog going to walk the walk and talk the talk on trick or treating?

Tip:  You may want to keep your pet inside and avoid the ghosts and goblins in your neighborhood.  But if you do take your dog door to door be sure to use reflective tape on his costume (and yours) as well as keep a tight rein on his leash.  Avoid allowing overly excited children to walk the dog because they may let loose of the leash.  Don’t forget children may want to pet your perfect pet, but they may not be in a friendly ghost kind of mood.

  • Watch those tricks and those treats.

Tip: Unfortunately this time of the year can bring out the scary side of pranks and all too often it is targeted at cats and dogs.  Some pet shelters have even kept black cats from being adopted during this holiday season, worried about the true nature of the increased interest.  The tricks aren’t the least of your worries, because many of the treats your ghost or goblin may come home ready to gobble up may not be safe for your pet including chocolates, grapes, raisins, foil wrappers, diet candies contain artificial sweetener xylitol can also cause small to serious problems.

Review these Food and Drink that Your Pet Should Never Eat.

Purchase a selection of pet friendly treats this Halloween so your dog doesn’t indulge in some tricks of his or her own after all of the Halloween hullabaloo.

  • Halloween décor and more.

Tip: From pumpkins to power cords some of our favorite decorations for Halloween can be unsafe for our pampered pets.  Watch out for candles on tables which can burn a curious nose and toes (or paws as the case may be).  Power cords may be chewed on or tripped over and an excited wagging tail can tell a tale of destruction as it knocks everything from candy to candle off of the coffee table.

  • Show your ID’s if you please.

Tip: No, your aren’t checking to see if a trick or treater is “too old” for this activity, but you are checking to make sure your pets license, immunization and contact information tag are up to date and around his neck.  This way if your pet does get misplaced, you have a better chance at finding Fido and bringing him home.

If you do suspect your pet has ingested something toxic, please call your veterinarian or the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435. Keep your veterinarians name and number right next to the phone in case of an emergency.

Avoiding Halloween hazards can be done, it just takes a little time, planning and preparation.

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