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Cat giving Golden Retriever a massage!

Here’s a cat getting caught out giving a dog a massage. The dog looks guilty, but the cat seems proud of what he’s doing….

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Ginger cats love golden retriever dogs

My cat loves my dog!

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Cat fetches like Golden Retriever

Debi’s cat Sugar Bear fetches thrown objects like a dog. Picture is sideways, tho. Sorry ’bout that!

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Ultra Kawaii – Golden Retriever Puppies!

Fuzzy golden balls of cuteness! Golden Retriever puppies are one of the most popular dog breeds, and rightly so. Today is dedicated to this awesome breed of dog. We also look at some of the kawaii pets from our fans on Bebo! Sit back and enjoy the cuteness!

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Avoiding Halloween Hazards: Pet Safety Tips

Our four legged furry friends come begging every day, performing their tricks to get a treat. However Halloween is a dangerous time for pets for both tricks and treats.  Keep your pet howling at the moon with these holiday pet safety tips: Trick or treat, give me something good to eat, but there may be […]

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The many benefits of pet ownership

We know that pets take a lot of work, expense and care.  We also know that there are some really important questions everyone should ask before getting a pet.  But did you know that there are many important health, psychological and emotional benefits to owning a pet? Health benefits of owning a pet Pet owners […]

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lyrics: you can be whatever u want when you’re high walk slowly with a spirit by your side (oh baby) don’t fear if u lose your mind say how u doin’ boy i’m feelin’ fine … when somethin’ carries me away… hey hey hey hey….

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Taking Care of Puppy Dog Eyes EP4

When your dog or cat winks it might be a sign of a problem. With the help of Astor, Dr. Timi Lee teaches us how to keep a close watch on your pet’s eye care.

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Animals Caught on Camera While Doing Funny/Cute Things!

Pictures of animals doing funny things! You should always bring your camera withy you when you are going to be around animals, they do the strangest, cutest, funniest things!  Cute baby kittens snuggled into large dogs, dogs running mid-air and cute bunnies snuggled up together to name a few.

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Very Funny Cats and Dogs!

This is about the crazy things in our house- cats and dogs.  Ever see a dog interfere when the groom is to kiss his bride?  Or a German Shepherd driving a car?  This video is sure to tickle your funny bone!