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Is your dog save in the trunk of the truck?

“Look mommy isn’t he cute?!”  My daughter says about the dog that is riding in the open bed of a truck parked next to me.   I think he (or she I can’t tell from here) sure is, but is it really safe for their dog to be riding in the “trunk” of their truck? What […]

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Avoiding Halloween Hazards: Pet Safety Tips

Our four legged furry friends come begging every day, performing their tricks to get a treat. However Halloween is a dangerous time for pets for both tricks and treats.  Keep your pet howling at the moon with these holiday pet safety tips: Trick or treat, give me something good to eat, but there may be […]

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Cool dogs, hot cars

As much as we may enjoy taking our pet out and about it is important during the long, hot, dog days of summer to remember that a car’s temperature can increase by 19 degrees in a matter of 10 minutes (for example 80 degrees to 99 in just 10 minutes) or up to 40 degrees […]

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Before the storm: Pet safety preparation tips during hurricane season

Don’t wait until there is a hurricane warning to decide how best to keep your pet safe during hurricane season.  Use these tips to be prepared and to keep your family pet safe and sound.  We wouldn’t want to encounter Murdered Pets in New Orleans Schools Post Katrina as so many did after their major […]

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Suicidal Dog

  Driving down the road with a camera on the motorcycle, a man captures a dog getting hit by a car and rolling over in front of the oncoming motorcycle that did not hit him, thankfully. I was travelling through Wakefield returning home when a dog ran out in front of a car coming the […]