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Avoiding Halloween Hazards: Pet Safety Tips

Our four legged furry friends come begging every day, performing their tricks to get a treat. However Halloween is a dangerous time for pets for both tricks and treats.  Keep your pet howling at the moon with these holiday pet safety tips: Trick or treat, give me something good to eat, but there may be […]

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Dealing with Dogs and Separation Anxiety

Did you know that some of the more frustrating traits and “bad” behaviors your dog is exhibiting may be as a result of separation anxiety? Why does my dog suffer from separation anxiety? Some breeds are simply more “nervous” or sensitive to their environment and prone to this trait.  For other dogs it may be […]

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Drugs and dogs: Imipramine uses & side effects

Most of the time if your pet is experiencing behavior difficulties, your veterinarian will encourage you to take additional steps in behavior modification, using a variety of training techniques.  However, every once in a while, even your pet needs a little help getting “healthy” and a veterinarian may prescribe Imipramine. What is Imipramine? Imipramine is […]

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9 steps towards cleaner dog ears

Dogs are like little children in some ways. We have to give them a bath, clean out their ears, brush their teeth and trim their nails for them.  Just as we clean out our own or our children’s ears, cleaning out our dogs ears are a job that needs to be done on a regular […]

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Cool dogs, hot cars

As much as we may enjoy taking our pet out and about it is important during the long, hot, dog days of summer to remember that a car’s temperature can increase by 19 degrees in a matter of 10 minutes (for example 80 degrees to 99 in just 10 minutes) or up to 40 degrees […]

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Curing Kennel Cough

Many years ago when I bought my dog there were some things about dog ownership I knew and some things I did not.  “Kennel cough” was one of the topics that I was to learn a great deal of information about. What is kennel cough? Kennel cough may be a result of Canine Infectious Tracheobronchitis, […]

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Firework Safety Tips for Dogs

With the 4th of July approaching, many of us may be looking forward to enjoying a brilliant display of fireworks at a local park or possibly even shooting off some near our own homes.   Wherever you are enjoying the fireworks there is one important thing to remember; “fireworks and dogs don’t mix.” I don’t know […]

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Summer Play: Keeping Your Dog Cool and Safe

When the summer heat is reaching into triple digits, we humans are happy to sit in the air conditioning inside the house. If your dog is used to going outside for playtime and exercise, he or she won’t understand the words, “It’s too hot!” Your dog can still enjoy the outdoor playtime, but it will […]

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Before the storm: Pet safety preparation tips during hurricane season

Don’t wait until there is a hurricane warning to decide how best to keep your pet safe during hurricane season.  Use these tips to be prepared and to keep your family pet safe and sound.  We wouldn’t want to encounter Murdered Pets in New Orleans Schools Post Katrina as so many did after their major […]

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Beat the summer heat on your dog’s feet: Summer foot care for dogs

The summer can be pretty rough on your feet and let’s face it most women don’t even like to step foot out the door wearing sandals without a pedicure to show how neat their feet can be.  The dangers of summer on our feet are some of the same summer dangers that our dogs are […]