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Howling good Halloween for your pet

PetSmart and Greenies want your pet to strut their stuff as well as howl at the moon in happiness if they win the grand price in A “Monster Cute” Pet contest. The doggy details and cat-terrific prizes  in A “Monster Cute” Pet contest: Pet parents can submit a picture to PetSmart’s “Monster Cute Photo Contest” powered by GREENIES® on PetSmart’s […]

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Avoiding Halloween Hazards: Pet Safety Tips

Our four legged furry friends come begging every day, performing their tricks to get a treat. However Halloween is a dangerous time for pets for both tricks and treats.  Keep your pet howling at the moon with these holiday pet safety tips: Trick or treat, give me something good to eat, but there may be […]

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Dogs All Dressed Up

ADORABLE pictures of dogs in all sizes dressed up and having a good time.  Ever see a Great Dane in a princess costume or a Chihuahua in sunglasses?  You will now.  Totally cute and heartwarming.

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Funny Cats & Dogs – All Dressed Up

A funny slide-show of cats and dogs.  “Attack of the Zombie Cats”, cats and dogs dressed up in holiday costumes and other adorable and funny situations.

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Funny Dogs 5

A collection of more funny dogs pics.  Dogs in wigs, costumes, being silly and having fun! Dont forget to check out numbers 1 to 4.

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Cute Pictures of Dogs and Cats in Halloween Costumes

Who says that dogs and cats can’t dress up for Halloween?  In fact, they have the best costumes!

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Dogs Singing A Christmas Song

They don’t come much cuter than these puppies performing to a Christmas song. Unfortunately the video is a big grainy looking. dogs singing christmas song…

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Stop Dressin’ Me Up

The description of this video says it’s “a goofy video from Tiny Wiener, Barn E., Lil’ Alice, and The Weeze” It’s a bunch of dogs, being “dressed up.” We think it’s rather cute! Have you ever wondered what different dogs would look like if they were dressed up in costumes?  Dogs don’t like being put […]