Howling good Halloween for your pet

Martha Stewart™ Witch Costume for Dogs - PetSmartPetSmart and Greenies want your pet to strut their stuff as well as howl at the moon in happiness if they win the grand price in A “Monster Cute” Pet contest.

The doggy details and cat-terrific prizes  in A “Monster Cute” Pet contest:

Pet parents can submit a picture to PetSmart’s “Monster Cute Photo Contest” powered by GREENIES® on PetSmart’s Facebook page.

Beginning September 19, pet parents can upload a photo of their pet donning their Halloween best for a chance to appear in a national 2012 PetSmart TV commercial. This year, even more pets have a chance to win because there will be 25 finalists chosen by PetSmart judges and PetSmart’s Facebook fans.

On Halloween, PetSmart will post the 25 finalists on Facebook, and final public voting for the grand prize winner will begin and run through November 3. The winner will be announced on November 11.

The  grand prize includes:

·         Appearance in 2012 PetSmart TV commercial

·         $1,000

·         Round-trip airfare to the commercial shoot for the pet, pet parent and guest

·         One-year supply of Canine GREENIES® Dental Chews or Feline GREENIES® Dental Treats

But this isn’t the only way your pet can be part of the Halloween activities.

  • Pick a pet costume that fits in with your family theme.  Think Dorothy and Toto or what about Spooky Buddies.  PetSmart and other major pet stores carry popular costumes, such as the vampire/Dracula and witch costumes for dogs and a pumpkin hat for cats.
  • Is your pet going to be participating in trick or treat? Then here are some key guidelines:

o   Know your pet’s personality, i.e. are they energetic, shy or mellow?

o   Keep them safe during trick-or-treating: secure your pet’s costume and consider reflective gear like a leash or a costume such as this skeleton that glows in the dark,have an adult hold the leash at all times since kids may be distracted and let go.

Make sure you are know these tips for avoiding Halloween hazards for your pet. 

o   Give your pet Halloween-inspired treats.

Need some ideas?  Let these in “spirit” you!



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