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Howling good Halloween for your pet

PetSmart and Greenies want your pet to strut their stuff as well as howl at the moon in happiness if they win the grand price in A “Monster Cute” Pet contest. The doggy details and cat-terrific prizes  in A “Monster Cute” Pet contest: Pet parents can submit a picture to PetSmart’s “Monster Cute Photo Contest” powered by GREENIES® on PetSmart’s […]

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Super Boxer Dog – balances funny stuff!

My Boxer/Staffordshire puppy, Honey, learned this trick in 5 minutes. Now, she can balance almost anything on her nose.

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My Akita Puppy Doing Tricks for Treats!

The cutest little 3 month old Akita puppy doing tricks for treats!  Akita’s are super smart dogs who learn quickly.  I  teach my dogs all kinds of tricks and she learned real quick!

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Tricks For Treats!

Greedy is an adorable Bulldog that enjoys doing tricks for some treats.  He listens to the commands that his owner gives and sits, rolls over and goes in a circle. Good boy, Greedy!

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Bailey, the Bichon Frise Fulfills Her Destiny as a Yappy Dog

Who will last longer? The barking Bichon Frise or her owner holding the camera? Bailey wants her Iams Biscuits, and she wants them NOW!

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Australian Cattle Dog- “Hurley” Receiving Eucharist Confirmation

Hurley is an Australian Cattle Dog that will perform tricks for his treat – Sun Chips!    He doesn’t quit staring at his owner while he’s eating so he has Hurley do a couple of treats for a Sun Chip or two.

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Tricks for Treats – Twix – Part 2

This is Twix a Norwich Terrier, in order to make her not totally inhale her food (and therefore feel like she isn’t full/satisfied) … we make her work for it … several yahoo Norwich Terrier listers asked if I would video tape the dogs (Twix and her sister Twizzler) doing this “Tricks for Treats” ritual […]

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Dogmantics- Dog Training Television- Episode 1

Dogmantics Episode 1 Yes, the long awaited first episode of Dogmantics is finally here! I included in this episode the two most frequent requests for videos- How to stop a puppy mouthing and biting and How to interrupt unwanted behavior. Hope you all enjoy!

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Border Collie Attacks Pumpkin

Dixie destroys a Giant Pumpkin. A couple of weeks ago my brother MattB needed me to baby sit his dogs (Dixie and Koko) for the day.

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Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera

It’s dogs in slow-mo catching treats. What could be better. From TBWA Toronto.