9 steps towards cleaner dog ears

Dogs are like little children in some ways. We have to give them a bath, clean out their ears, brush their teeth and trim their nails for them.  Just as we clean out our own or our children’s ears, cleaning out our dogs ears are a job that needs to be done on a regular basis.  Dogs ears are designed to be especially susceptible to infections, so regular, careful cleanings are necessary.  But what is the best way to clean your dog’s ear?

  1. Plan on spending some time on cleaning your pet’s ears.  So if you need to run out the door to pick up dinner or the kids then you may want to wait until another evening when you can take your time.
  2. Gather together your supplies.  You will need a good ear cleaner solution available at most pet stores and cotton balls or cotton make up remover pad.  The remover pads seem to work better and they really aren’t that much more expensive.  Do not use water when cleaning your pet’s ears.  You will also need a towel.
  3. Put the squirt bottle in your pocket for about 30 minutes before you use it (or let it sit in warm water like you would a bottle).  Your dog will appreciate the warm solution.
  4. Sit down with your dog in the floor.  Spend some time petting him getting him nice and relaxed.  Now is not a playtime.  Once he is relaxed you can take the next steps.
  5. Inspect your dog’s ears.  If there is a nasty aroma or dark wax you may want to take him to the vet.  These are indications of a possible ear infection or ear mites.  It’s not safe for you to clean your pet’s ears in this case.
  6. Squirt ear cleaning solution into your dog’s ear and massage the base of the ear for about 30 seconds.  When you stop your dog will shake his ear to get rid of excess solution, this is when you will need the towel to dry his coat as the solution leaks out (and keep if off of you).  You will probably see some dirt come out with the solution.
  7. Soak cotton pads in cleaning solution. This doesn’t mean dripping wet, but as wet as a damp sponge.  Lift the ear flap and start cleaning the outer part of the ear gently wiping up and out.   Do not enter the ear canal. Do not rub but remove what you can with gentle wipes.   Wipe only the areas you can see with the naked eye.
  8. Now take a dry cotton pad and wipe the outer ear to dry it.  Hold the ear flap up for a few minutes to help it dry out.  You may also want to use drying powder to make sure there is no moisture left in your pet’s ear.
  9. Now give your dog some love and a treat for being so very good!

It’s important to keep your pets ears clean. It has been recommended that you clean your dog’s ears once a week to keep out parasites, dirt and moisture.  Continued exposure to these health hazards could result in hearing loss.

What’s even more important is to be gentle and careful when cleaning your dog’s ears. You don’t want to do more harm than good to your best friend.

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