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Labrador diving to the bottom of 12′ deep pool

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Dog Training Tip: Puppies Learn “mark” retrieve

Black lab puppies learning is improved on an isolated bridge.

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Dave Goes Crazy and Stuff

Dave the Wonder Dog – Half black lab, half border collie and all crazy.

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boxer dog

my boxer pup barking crazily at my wrx sti .. lol

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Dogs are SMARTER than FUNNY Toy Review Video by Mike Mozart and Funny Coco Puff of JeepersMedia

Funny Dog Toy Product Video Review of Digger Dog. A fun Electronic toy of a Jack Russell Terrier digging a hole in a yard or garden.

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Beautiful Black German Sheppard Playing With Her Girl

Beautiful German Sheppard getting some lovin’ and playtime in with her girl. black german shepherd vs illinois chic