Dogs are SMARTER than FUNNY Toy Review Video by Mike Mozart and Funny Coco Puff of JeepersMedia

Funny Dog Toy Product Video Review of Digger Dog. A fun Electronic toy of a Jack Russell Terrier digging a hole in a yard or garden.

This bizarre and Amazing FUNNY robotic animated Dog toy is Reviewed by Mike Mozart the Toy and Product Review Guru of Jeepers Media of JeepersMedia bringing you the Coolest Products and Gadgets from Yesterday and Toy!This cool romobotic dog toy is Motion and Sound activated and is Made by Gemmy, the Singing Fish Plaque Company.It retails for $29.99 but is cheaper on Ebay and I bought the Official JeepersMedia sample at Spencer’s Gifts store and Most USA Malls. Coco Puff, Cocoa Puff, Cocco Puff The Official JeepersMedia on You Tube Cute Puppy Mascot is the Guest Reviewer!

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