Dog Training – Fred Hassen and ‘Nero’

Fred Hassen (CEO) Sit Means Sit Dog Training, with “Nero”. “Nero” is showing attention through distraction. This video was taken at a major FM radio (Jack FM) function in Las Vegas, where there were plenty of dog, and dog training enthusiasts present. Sit Means Sit Dog training did demonstrations that showed everything from basic dog obedience, and dog behavior, to police k9 training, agility training, and retrieving training. The training for retrieving, appealed to everyone from basic pet dog training for people that wanted to have fun with their dogs catching frisbee’s or tennis balls, all the way to hunting dog enthusiasts. Sit Means Sit Dog Training main office is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We are a dog training, dog obedience, and dog behavior company, that also deals with police K9 training throughout the USA and abroad. We have a dog training school, for dog trainers, or potential dog trainers and dog business owners that are interested in a dog training business opportunity.

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