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Darby’s tricks (Golden retriever)

darby shows her skills

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Pittsburgh Police Dog Fight Bust-Gentle To Humans

Anytime you see a video that pertains to awareness of abuse to animals please support them and give them a positive feedback as many groups have been flagging the videos down. I have had the suspicion for long time that these groups are organized either they are hired by Vick himself or they are extreme […]

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Golden retriever having fun with snow

8-years old golden retriever having fun with snow 🙂

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my rottweiller attacking a man !

my rottweiller attacking a professionel trainer in the police dog training center in egypt i used this kind of training coz i thought it will let the rotty be as it should be ! but it was a big mistake the dog turned into a man eater ! it caused me a ton of problems […]

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Border Collie Sheepdog Cute Dogs Puppies playing Movie Trailer

A Great Gift for Dog Lovers! Give a copy of the full, totally unique DVD to your dog loving friends!

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Dog Tricks : Peekaboo Dog Trick

Want to teach your dog the peekaboo dog trick?

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Spring has sprung and so have gardening and outdoor dangers to dogs

With spring’s arrival many of us are looking to our yards and gardens, no matter how big or small, and thinking of improvements that need to be made and clean up that needs to be done.  But our backyard is more than a place to hang out; it is also our pet’s playground so it’s […]

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Blue Heeler Chasing The Belt On Treadmill

A Blue Heeler named Staffy having a great time chasing the belt of the treadmill.  Staffy does this every time we turn the treadmill on! Enjoy!

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The Scoop on Dog Food Labels

Is your tail in a knot over how difficult it is to find a quality dog food for your best friend?  Feeding quality dog food products may be harder and more expensive than it seems, but oh so very important to your dog’s overall well-being and health.  The shelves at grocery and pet food stores […]

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Kate Nicholas & Gin on Britain’s Got Talent

Kate Nicholas & Gin’s audition on Britain’s Got Talent 2008 dancing Canine Freestyle.  Gin is an amazingly smart dog who also has some rhythm.  When the music starts, Gin starts dancing and doesn’t miss a step!