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Diva Dog Actor Demands Lattes and Blue Buffalo

New York City video shoot for Blue Buffalo dog and cat food is almost derailed by a diva performer barking out demands to a nervous director and film crew who fear bite may follow bark!

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Boxer and Baby! Clip from The Bonnie Hunt Show

A clip from the Bonnie Hunt Show featuring a cute dog and baby.  The dog is laying on the floor relaxing when the cutest little baby begins to crawl towards him. When the baby touches the Boxer’s foot, he sits up and brings his face over to the baby and then takes his paw and […]

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Zena Confused!

Zena, a German Shepherd is confused.  Her owner is playing a video from YouTube of another dog barking.  Zena hears it and is moving her head quizzically as to where the dog is at!

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Yorkie Barking At YouTube Dog

While watching a YouTube video of a dog barking, this Yorkie begins to bark back.