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How to Train Puppies : How to Use Puppy Dog Crates

Tips on how to use puppy crates in this expert video featuring a professional dog trainer.

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Shake doggie shake: Why your dog shakes toys

Have you ever noticed how your dog grabs and toy, chomps down on it and really gives it a good shake?  Not just a little shake either, a great big head wagging shake back and forth.  Our family noticed it the other day while playing outside my West Highland White Terrier.  It seems that Jack […]

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Super Boxer Dog – balances funny stuff!

My Boxer/Staffordshire puppy, Honey, learned this trick in 5 minutes. Now, she can balance almost anything on her nose.

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Fail: Barbie Pooping Dog Toy

Funny Video: Barbie Pooping Dog, Barbie Fail Toys.  It’s Barbie and Tanner in this funny product review.

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Dupree the Maltese Puppy

Cali is a darling Maltese puppy that is hanging out in her cage and playing with her toys.  She barks a few times  for attention and then is right back to being super cute!

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Barking Dog

\ Starts out pretty slow with just two dogs hanging out in the living room.  One is a puppy and is playing with some toys and walking around.  Eventually the dog starts barking. Dogs bark I laugh