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Pit Bull Golden Retriever Positive Introduction

Here’s my first intentional video meant to help other American Pit Bull Terrier owners work with issues their dogs will probably have at some point, especially untrained shelter dogs like Gypsy.

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Pitbull and Boxer Play!

My pit bull and my boxer going at it. Just kidding, they’re playing. That would be my pit when she was 9 months old and my boxer at 3 years. Her name’s Roxi, his is Bo.

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Pitbull atack man

The dogs they adaptam themselves to the training of the creator. All the rsponsabilidade of the actions of the dog is of its owner.

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Dogs humping missionary position with female on top

chihuahua(female) is getting it on with a pitbull (male)

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My 5 month old pitbull

My dog barking funny

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American bulldog

my american bulldog mix pitbull and my german shepherd mix rottweiler playing in the yard and barking at the dog two houses away

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Pitbull and Guinea Pig Playing

This is a pitbull “Titán” playing lovely with a cobay.  Pit Bulls get a bad reputation as “killer dogs” but as you can see, that’s not always true.  Titan is so gentle and loving.  When he lays down on the grass, the Guinea Pig sniffs his ear and Titan enjoys the attention.

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Smokey The Pit Bull Barking

Smokey is a beautiful Pit Bull who has a bark that could scare the bejeebers out of you. Hence the scary background music playing while Smokey barks on.

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Dog Tricks – Play Dead, Turn off Lights, Bark on Command

What a smart boy!  This dog has had good training.  He can play dead, go around, turn off the lights and bark on command.  To find out how his owner trained him, read on. I got the dog from the pound… he is a lab/pit mix. Below is how you do some of the tricks. […]

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Pitbull (Dog Training)

Adorable pictures of Pitbulls from Puppy to Adulthood.  Also some background information about them along with some bits of training. The American Pit Bull Terrier was first recognized by the United Kennel Club