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Molson the Golden Retriever Howling

Golden Retriever singing along to Sublime’s What I Got

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Dealing with Dogs and Separation Anxiety

Did you know that some of the more frustrating traits and “bad” behaviors your dog is exhibiting may be as a result of separation anxiety? Why does my dog suffer from separation anxiety? Some breeds are simply more “nervous” or sensitive to their environment and prone to this trait.  For other dogs it may be […]

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Dog Howler

Dog laying on the bed, howling and whining.

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Zoey the Scottie – Howling

One of our dogs, a westie, watches TV and barks whenever an animal comes onto the screen. Our other dog joins in, only occasionally and she has the oddest bark – more of a howl. We always get a laugh out of her and she doesn’t do this very often.

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Funny Barks and Howls!

Different clips from a television show featuring dogs who have funny barks and howls.  The video is a bit grainy but entertaining, nonetheless!

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Boxer Dog Howling @ Sirens

This Boxer is on alert!  He hears the sirens wailing (from the computer) and stops, tilts his head and is ready to….HOWWWWLLLL!

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Sounds of Samoyeds

Some singing, howling, and barking from the beautiful breed of Samoyed dogs.

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Howling Mini Schnauzer Dog

This Miniature Schnauzer couldn’t get any cuter in his striped sweater.  Even though he’s mini and dressed up, don’t count him out.  He likes to howl and is pretty scary sounding.  Maybe not as scary as the person howling who is videotaping him. Mini Schnauzer Howling and Barking…Great Fun…Great Dog…He thinks he is part Wolf 

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Dog Barking Problems & How to Stop Them

Very Informative!  What triggers a dog to bark, how you can recognize it and train them to stop.

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Dog Playing Piano and Singing The Blues

This dog is very talented and absolutely hilarious!  In front of him is a keyboard, he plays a note or two with his nose then howls and begins singing the doggie blues.  He keeps on playing and singing.  There is definitely a bright future ahead for this guy. A dog is hitting the piano keys […]