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Kitten playing with Golden Retriever

A 8 week old kitten is playing with a 2 year old Golden Retriever.

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Golden Retriever and Kitten

Golden Retriever and Kitten

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Ninja kitty attack

Bengal kitten learns humility after launching ninja attack on gentle Golden Retriever

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The many benefits of pet adoption

Recently teen celebrity couple Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber adopted a dog.  Advocates for pet adoption, for Gomez this makes an even half dozen dogs adopted from shelters in the United States and even Puerto Rico.  Bieber’s face is on a PETA advertisement advocating adoption.  But they aren’t the only celebrities with a cause for […]

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dog barking at cats

sis’ cats & dog. thanksgiving eve

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Lazy cat just stares at barking dog

i know this is stupid to post but im just showing people that my cat is so lazy it isnt even startled by my neighbours dog the dog is a boxer/terrior

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dog & cat friends!

dog & cat friends!

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Drugs and dogs: Imipramine uses & side effects

Most of the time if your pet is experiencing behavior difficulties, your veterinarian will encourage you to take additional steps in behavior modification, using a variety of training techniques.  However, every once in a while, even your pet needs a little help getting “healthy” and a veterinarian may prescribe Imipramine. What is Imipramine? Imipramine is […]

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Dog Barking

this is a dog barking and growling and my friend is playing with her its his dog