Seven Must Have Puppy Supplies Before Bringing Your New Dog Home

Now that you have asked yourself all the important questions and have decided you are ready to be a dog owner you may want to do a little bit of shopping before your bring your new puppy or dog home from the breeder or rescue center.  Being prepared means that you know how much to spend right off “the bat” and you have the basics necessary to care for your dog properly.

Food and water bowls are a must have before you bring your new friend home.  After all you don’t want to have to pull out one of your own serving bowls to fill with water and dog food. Not only will you lose your complete set but those are easily tipped over causing a great deal of muss and fuss. When looking for dog food bowls and water dishes be sure to find the correct size for your dog, as he grows.  You can always put less in the bowl to begin with, but you may find it more difficult to have to fill the food dish over and over again to give your growing dog the correct amount he needs for good nutrition.

An adjustable dog collar is a must have, not only to house your dog tags, license and other important information but also to keep you dog safely tethered to his or her leash.  Veterinarians recommend that the collar be two fingers in width as well as two fingers loose on your dog’s neck.  An adjustable color means you don’t have to keep purchasing one every few weeks as your dog grows.  Most collars note a size in inches as well as indicate small, medium and large dog sizes, to help you purchase the one that your dog needs.

Having a dog leash means you can begin your leash training immediately as well as take your energy filled puppy for a walk.  Even older dogs enjoy the exercise that a good walk can bring.  Most places require your dog to be on a leash, even those pet friendly places like pet stores need them leashed for their own health and safety.  Avoid having your new friend seriously injured in an accident or by another dog by keeping them on a leash whenever necessary.

If you are going to crate or kennel train your dog, you need to have one on that first night home.  Far too many nights on your bed before you do bring one home can make it that much more difficult for you and your dog to get crate trained.  Crates also provide safe ways to travel as well as some feel more comfortable kennel their dog when strangers are in the house such as repairman or even children if they aren’t used to being around them.  Many dogs even find a crate to be a calming place to be, where they are safely away from too much stimulation or too many people.

Even if you have a dog crate or kennel, you will probably want a dog bed too, but especially if you don’t have a kennel.  Dog beds provide a safe and secure spot that is just for your pampered pet where they can be calm, comfortable and rested as well as provide a place that is warm and soft after dealing with many homes hardwood and tile floors.

Toys and treats are necessary from day one.  Treats help your dog learn the many rules necessary for your home and lifestyle.  They also reward your pet for good behaviors and well- are a treat! Toys provide them with the proper items in the house to play with and keep them out of trouble by redirecting them from socks, cushions and in my case – a bra strap!  My “Westie” just couldn’t seem to resist them.

Now that you have all the pampered pet gear you need to get started, some extras you want to purchase include pee pads, grooming supplies and odor and stain removers for those potty training accidents.

What products do you recommend for someone bringing home a new dog to love?

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