Dog kisses bunny

He is playing with his terrier, Digit (the spastic one… I think he’s part beagle and part Jack Russell) and DotCOM (she also answers to Dottie, she is a Red Heeler).

All three animals were adopted. Digit showed up at my house in 1998. In 2000, I adopted Dottie from the pound and in 2002, I got Weber from the same pound, after Easter. He took to litter training in days and Dottie immediately fell in love with him. Digit learned to play with him instead of trying to hunt him. Digit and Dottie had docked tails when I adopted them. Don’t ask me why anyone would dock the tail of a mixed breed dog, or why they would do so when it’s not part of the breed standard (as is the case w/ a Boxer or Doberman). Even though I wouldn’t have chosen to dock their tails, it was pretty adorable to see both dogs and the bunny laying down, lined up together, with similarly-shaped rear ends!

Weber died after surgery to treat a dental abscess on 12/20/2006. He was 4 and a half years old. Happy indoor rabbits that are fed a proper diet can live into their teens. Weber was the first rabbit I ever had – he was perfect. Rabbits can make great pets, but they are not dogs or cats and you should learn quite a bit about proper rabbit care before adopting one.

If you know anyone who got a bunny for Easter and just shoved it in a hutch, please forward this video to them. Having a happy house rabbit is so easy to do – and I will be happy to answer any questions on how you can have a happy, healthy, non-destructive house rabbit. Way too many rabbits live miserable existences locked in hutches their entire lives. I take a lot of comfort in knowing that Weber was one of the happiest rabbits on earth. He was adored, and he knew it. He loved his dogs and loved to meet new people. I had no idea how intelligent rabbits were until I had this joker running around in my living room.

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