Boxer and Baby! Clip from The Bonnie Hunt Show

A clip from the Bonnie Hunt Show featuring a cute dog and baby. 
The dog is laying on the floor relaxing when the cutest little baby begins to crawl towards him. When the baby touches the Boxer’s foot, he sits up and brings his face over to the baby and then takes his paw and puts it on the baby’s hand!  How sweet is that?

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  1. Tamara Taylor says on :

    RE:your Akbash Dog page – thanks for crediting David and Judy Nelson’s site — now defunct but scheduled to be posted again – perhaps as

    Two of the links are inactive – one goes to the whitelands akbash dog page and the other to an old Akbash Dog Association of America URL. ADAA, the association founded by the Nelsons, would love to have you link to our page at We are in process of converting it to WordPress!

    Another site that actually predates the Nelsons’ is mine, a historical site about the Turkish Akbash –

    If you could credit the Nelsons by name along with their URL, it would be appreciated. David is gone now but his wife just last year traveled to Turkey to attend the Akbash Dog Festival. There she received a posthumous award for him and one for herself from the Akbash Dog Association of Turkey in recognition of their years of dedication to the breed and of their critical support, which, according to the Turkish people, made them aware of the importance of preserving this unique breed. When the awards were given, the Presenter said, “Without the Nelsons, we would not have our Akbash Dogs today.” (I was also recognized and given an award for my work over the last 3 decades in Turkey and in the U.S. for Akbash Dog preservation.)

    Thanks again for your site!

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