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Shake doggie shake: Why your dog shakes toys

Have you ever noticed how your dog grabs and toy, chomps down on it and really gives it a good shake?  Not just a little shake either, a great big head wagging shake back and forth.  Our family noticed it the other day while playing outside my West Highland White Terrier.  It seems that Jack […]

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How green does your grass grow? Dogs and Lawn Burn

Maybe it’s the summertime or maybe it’s because our family is outside more often now but the fact that a certain section of my yard doesn’t have any grass is really starting to bother me.  How did this happen? Friends who don’t have pets ask me. It happens because my Westie has his favorite spots […]

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Out damned spot, no not the dog: Removing dog urine smell

It’s happened to all dog owners at one time or another.  Dog pee – urine – “magically” appears on our tile, carpet or hardwood floors.  Maybe out dog just really needed to go and it is a random occurrence because we weren’t home in time to let them outside.  Or maybe like my dog it […]

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And baby makes 4: Tips to help you avoid “sibling” rivalry with your dog

It’s easy to find a great deal of information about how to prepare your older child for when a new baby comes home, but what about when the “baby” in the house is of the four legged kind?  We turned to the professionals and found out that there were several things we could do to […]

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Choosing the Correct Collar

I recently went shopping for a new collar.  My poor pup really needed one.  But I was amazed at the number of collars available and actually was not sure what would be best for my Jack, who is a West Highland White Terrier.  What did my dog really need?  So I decided to do my […]