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Taking Care of Puppy Dog Eyes EP4

When your dog or cat winks it might be a sign of a problem. With the help of Astor, Dr. Timi Lee teaches us how to keep a close watch on your pet’s eye care.

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Troy: From Pup to Adult Boxer

Troy was a good puppy so small & sweet now he´s a bossy, barking, fat farting, snoring Top Boss Dog!

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Sounds of Samoyeds

Some singing, howling, and barking from the beautiful breed of Samoyed dogs.

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Boxer Dog Barking & Howling at the Camera

Molly is a beautiful Boxer girl who is quite camera shy.  She doesn’t want to be filmed and begins to bark and growl at the camera.

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Malka and Her Great Dane Bark!

Dog Barking 2

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Don Charles Presents The Singing Dogs Slideshow

Don Charles presents THE SINGING DOGS directed by CARL WEISMANN with instrumental accompaniment.

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Quake, 8 Month Old Doberman!

Quake is an 8 month old Doberman who is beautiful and agile.  He is showcased in a variety of pictures showing him in action and sitting pretty. The camera loves Quake. He’s very photogenic. Mis primeros 8 meses.

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Dogs Mating On The Beach

  Two dogs are mating on the sand by the beach. A little boy and his Grandma are playing in the sand and the little boy turns around and catches the dogs in the act.